• The Vandevalle Mural

    East meets Western Cape Once upon a time, a family from far away shores fell in love with Cape Town. Pulled between the sweet nostalgia of their native home and their fierce love for the Cape, the family found themselves adrift, unable to decide where they should root themselves. But these were lovers of the …

  • Boplaas, Wellington

    Messenger bag raw denim ethical bespoke. Irony hashtag mixtape kogi blog, fashion axe readymade scenester flexitarian.

  • The Lavenhof Chapel

    It’s not every day that someone commissions the reworking of a chapel. When Mr Chandler was asked to recreate this little bethel from bespoke, hand-painted ceramic tiles, it almost inspired a religious epiphany – almost.

  • The Gardner’s Mural

    The Gardner family mural was the very first of Mr Chandler’s private commissions. The Durban-born client wanted to add a touch of Natal nostalgia & old-world glamour to the family’s newly-refurbished Cape Town home.

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