Sketching Cape Town

A solo exhibition by Lucie de Moyencourt

Lucie de Moyencourt has long been known to pull out her ink & sketchbooks at picnics, hipster coffee bars, on the seaside & the streetside to record the given moment. Each of Lucie’s candidly constructed recordings of daily life hold a fascinating intimacy. With a loose and playful hand, Lucie captures the joy, nuance & humanity of the vibrant day-to-day ongoings of Cape Town.

Continuing the tradition of the French comics, Lucie often toys with the exaggeration of elements to enhance her perception of the subject at hand. The abundant exhibition featured over 200 individual, unframed pages. The show marked the first time that her prized, personal sketches had been exhibited since she began the private tradition 15 years ago while travelling through Spain.

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