The Cake of Good Soap


The Cake of Good Soap was an idea had that been in my head for years before it become a reality. When I met our Soaper, the wonderful Zikona Tefu from soaps, I began to think a little more deeply about the soap. What would make a bar of soap ‘Good’? Making it from olive oil seemed like a good start, as did having it made locally. The scent of the soap comes from organically-grown plants and together these natural oils make a wonderful fragrance – both when in use and when resting in a linen cupboard. The ingredients we use in our soap are Cedar Atlas, Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon Grass, Lemon Verbena and Buchu. Together, they unite to create a smell that is both cleansing and warming.

*Due to their hand-made nature and the sourcing of natural ingredients, colour variations do occur.

Size: 8,5 x 5cm

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