The Chandler House ‘Stompie’ Goblet


designed by Michael Chandler

These hand-blown, recycled glass is made in Etswini – by Ngwenya Glass in The Kingdom of eSwatini (formally Swaziland)

Just holding one of these glasses is a treat: they have a great weight, their small, nuanced imperfections hint at their hand-made origins and they fit in one’s hand in a way that feels both intuitive and natural. But don’t worry, they are tougher than they look: these peasant goblets are made for every day use. They are a far cry from the thin, decorated and precious glassware that we have been come to value. I love to use them when I’m hosting a meal as they make you feel grounded, beverages seem to taste better and life feels simpler; there can be no airs or graces when guests are drinking out of these humble vessels. Desserts and morning Mueslis love being served in these too. The ‘Stompie’ glasses also stack neatly within one another which is very useful when storage is limited in a small kitchen.

Height: 10cm

Volume: 250ml

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