A Celebration of Cape Bulbs

A Solo Exhibition of the Overlooked and Underfoot by Lisa Strachan
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Just like the bulbs featured in our new show, there is more to the art of painting botanical specimens than meets the eye. For one, there are strict conventions to abide to; the artist should include as many aspects of the plant’s natural cycle as possible and the plants should be life-size. Painting autumn bulbs is one step more complicated than painting flowers, leaves or stems, as they take two full, flowering seasons to complete. The artist paints from life, starting with the seeds, leaves or flowers – the parts that are exposed to the sun. Once these have been captured, the bulb is carefully replanted and its life cycle continues. Many months later, after the flowers and leaves have disappeared, the bulb itself is unearthed and painted, thus completing the full cycle of painting the specimen. 


Three of the original botanical works are available as high-quality, signed and editioned prints and they can be ordered in five different sizes. To view the prints, and to purchase them – click HERE.


Amaryllis belladonna

Watercolour on Paper
23 x 18cm
R7 800  

Brunsvigia orientalis

Watercolour and Pencil on Paper
75 x 55cm
R32 000 SOLD

Haemanthus coccineus flower, fruit and bulb with leaves

Watercolour and Pencil on Paper
52 x 36cm
R12 400

Haemanthus coccineus

Watercolour and Pencil on Paper
29 x 22cm
R10 200

Flowering Autumn Bulbs

Watercolour and Pencil on Paper
16 x 16cm
R4 800 SOLD

For all sales and inquiries,

please contact Chandler House:


(021) 424 4810


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Monday – Friday: 10H00 – 17H00 / Saturday: 10h00 – 14h00

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