About The Voorkamer Gallery

Chandler House is home to a small, street-facing room;
each month it is transformed to host a new exhibition.

It is called the Voorkamer Gallery. 

Named after the front room in old Cape homes that would be finely dressed with the
household’s most precious pieces, the Voorkamer Gallery is curated by Mr Chandler with a
discernible emphasis on value, quality, creativity and integrity. 

The space acts as a platform to welcome emerging artists, and remains one of the regular
highlights of the city’s diverse First Thursday lineup. The gallery, with it’s ever-changing walls
made luminous by the light of its expansive Georgian window, is a space for experimentation,
celebration and interrogation of the arts.

If you’re an artist looking to share your work with the city, send us a mail.
We’re always looking for emerging new creatives to introduce to the World.