Gabi Lee


Born 1986, Gabi lived in a small seaside town St Francis Bay for most of her childhood. She moved to Cape Town and studied Industrial design from 2007. Gabi then received a Bursary to study at the Cape Town school of Photography in 2011.
In September 2015 Gabi had her first solo show called “Spring Tide” which sold out on opening night. Lee was represented by Australian gallery Otomys from 2015-2019. Gabi’s work featured in many groups shows and magazines for local galleries, publications and charities.
The subject matter in Gabi’s work are ever changing. But mostly a strong theme can be seen of the ocean and nature. Her work boarders on soft Realistic Abstraction. Gabi’s medium is mostly oil on canvas or paper. Gabi exhibits works with Chandler House, where she exhibited her largest seascape to date at 2,5m x 1,5m.
“I want to paint things I would want to hang on my walls in my own home and share them”