Lucie de Moyencourt


Lucie De Moyencourt loves surprises: There is a special kind of joy she experiences after stepping back from her easel to view the unfurling story told on the canvas. Born in Paris in 1983, de Moyencourt grew up in South Africa where her first encounters with the world were shaped through the lens of her creative parents. Trained as an architect, de Moyencourt later discovered that her lifelong passion for art could not be ignored. In Lucie’s worldview, discipline, desire and intention hold as much power as innate talent. Her energy and interest in places, and the people that occupy them, animate her art. Keenly observed over many hours, her Cape Town-focused works are executed quickly and, inspired by Picasso’s prolific output, she can produce as many as ten in a day. Each work speaks to the spectacular seaside hubbub that our city is so beloved for.